The Hanging Gardens of Weddings

I’m not generally one for trend-following when it comes to wedding styling, as I will always give the advice of doing what YOU want to do, rather than what you think you should be doing. Having said that, if you love it, then definitely go for it! Also, not all trends are born the same, and some will stand the test of time so much more gracefully than others. Hanging florals have been sweeping Pinterest for over a year, and, as a wedding stylist, I’ve loved how many fabulous options this has opened up for couples. I hope it’ll continue to enrich the way wedding flowers are used creatively, and reinvented and interpreted in unique ways. It’s almost an anti-trend: it’s the idea of changing your perspective, turning things upside down, and using negative space in a new way.

So today I’m sharing my favourite examples of this type of decor, with some thoughts and ideas on how to use each one ♡ Plus, as an extra special bonus, we’ve got expert tips by the lovely King-Wey from Alright Petal Flowers on where to hang floral installations, what flowers to use, and what to watch out for.

{ I N S P I R A T I O N }

1. The Ceremony Arch

Wedding Decor - Ceremony Floral Arch

Found on Fiore Floral Design’s Instagram.

Arch-like hanging installations can be a wonderful way of framing the ceremony area, particularly if you’re transforming a blank or unusual space (like an empty art gallery or warehouse). The foliage in this wild suspended arch is uncomplicated and relaxed, while also being gorgeous and high-impact against the white walls and concrete floor.

2. The Hanging Branch

Wedding Decor - Hanging Branch

Found on One Fab Day.

Suspended floral arrangements don’t need to be limited to ceremony or table decor to make a statement – in the wedding shown above, the peeking branches and colourful, lush flowers suspended around the venue and near lounging spaces injected an elegant garden vibe to a warehouse reception.

3. The Floral Frame

Wedding Decor - Floral Frame

Found on 100 Layer Cake.

Floral embellishments like the one above can provide a stunning backdrop for photos, and can be installed almost anywhere. As frames naturally hang, adorning them with flowers or foliage can be a really easy way of creating pops of colour in an otherwise neutral space.

4. The Floating Centrepiece

Wedding Decor - Hanging Centrepiece

Found on Erin Jean Photography.

A wooden plank and rope keeps this floating garden in place above the long table, echoed by the foliage below and lit by the lanterns hanging down over guests’ plates. No matter the surroundings, this type of arrangement brings nature in so beautifully, while creating a cosy, intimate dining area.

5. The Hanging Garden

Wedding Decor - Hanging Garden

Found on Style Me Pretty.

Inverted centerpieces are another wow-factor option for table decor, where planters filled with lush blooms and placed above tables, with the stems hanging upside down. You can fill the table with garlands, pillar candles,  and candelabras to draw the guests’ eyes upward even more, and echo the colours and style. This could be used on all tables, just the top table, or perhaps to draw attention to the cake table.

6. Geometric Florals

Wedding Decor - Geometric Florals

Found on Strictly Weddings.

Another trend I’ve loved is that of hanging floral spheres, hoops, and geometric shapes pinned with delicate bouquets, adorning tables and walls or filling empty spaces. Dramatic, photogenic, but also a little bit kinder on the budget, as you don’t need hundreds of ornate flowers for this type of decor to look fabulous (in fact, the artsandcrafty bride can DIY this look by using macrame rings, embroidery hoops, copper tubes, and much more).

7. Upside Down Floral Garlands

Wedding Decor - Floral Garland

Found on Michelle Edgemont’s Blog.

Originated by Amy Osaba (a renowned US florist), floral garlands can come in so many shapes, sizes, and colours – giving you oodles of choice, while not necessarily stretching the budget as much as some other installations. You can hang individual blooms upside down, while leaving the stems long, for a breathtaking visual effect; you can hang them from a fixed structure, like the image above, or drape them via a ribbon or thread; you can also vamp up your suspended structures by interspersing branches, flowing ribbon strands, greenery, pearls, lanterns, planters, glass globes, origami – the options are endless!

8. Flower Curtains

Alright Petal Flowers - Flower Curtain

Gorgeous curtain by Alright Petal Flowers.

Another super chic option is to hang single flowers on long strands of transparent string (like twine or fishing line), to create unexpected floating backdrops. You can create an ombre colour palette, or alternate bright, monochromatic shades for even more pop. For some added texture, consider playing with mini bottles, glass baubles, or small lanterns. Do keep in mind that, as these can be quite time-consuming to make and tricky to transport (they tangle really easily!), this option can be quite expensive, as florists need to charge for their time, labour, and installation; having said that, costs can still be controlled by using less expensive flowers.

9. Floral Un-Chandeliers

Wedding Decor - Floral Chandelier

Found on Wedding Sparrow.

Instead of a traditional crystal chandelier, you could opt for a hanging arrangement of flowers that mimics the look and feel of one – with as many layers as you want. You could string the chandelier from green garlands and leave the bottom clear, or leave the top clear and have florals cascading from the bottom – or cover it entirely like the gorgeous example above.

10. Flower Ceilings

Wedding Decor - Floral Ceiling

Found on De Zeen.

And, finally, for the more dedicated flower lovers:  the full ceiling floral options – showstopper statement installations. Though it comes with a larger price tag, this sea of flowers and foliage creates a breathtaking view for guests – and also smells amazing! ♡ Depending on the style of your wedding, you can opt for more delicate dainty blooms, colourful mixes, or even use chunkier leaves for a tropical forest canopy. You could use it as the main decoration for your drinks area or reception room, for the dance floor, or in the center of the dining room as a pièce de résistance.

{ E X P E R T  T I P S }

???? A florist’s view: King-Wey from Alright Petal Flowers ????

  • Where should the installation be? “It’s often a good idea to visit the venue with your florist if you are considering a hanging installation for your wedding. Your florist will be able to advise on the possibilities and options specific to your venue. Given their experience, they may be able to spot locations where an installation will look great that you may not have noticed before. Try to think about where your installation will make the most impact. Maybe it’ll be at the entrance to ‘wow’ guests as they arrive, or maybe it’ll be in the reception area as a great backdrop where people are likely to take lots of photos, etc. It is likely you’ll invest more in your installation than most of your other flower arrangements, so make sure it’s somewhere it can be seen and enjoyed, and not hidden away in a dark corner!”


  • What flowers should we use? “It’s worth thinking about the style and feel you’re going for here and what your priorities are. Do you want the installation to be abundant in flowers, or are you opting for a more foliage heavy, botanical look? Are you fussy about having specific flowers? Especially if the installation is going to be viewed from a distance (hanging planks way up high, or the top of a tall archway, etc), my advice would be to let your florist advise on which flowers to use. They will know which flowers will be best based on your colour palette, which ones will be most cost effective for the design, which ones are best suited to the type of installation you are having, e.g. for something like a flower curtain, the flowers used will need to last well out of water, especially on a hot day! Carnations are a great option as they are more cost effective, last a long time out of water, come in lots of gorgeous colours, and despite their reputation for being a ‘cheap’ and ‘retro’ flower, I think they’re beautiful! For those greener designs, which yes, can be less expensive, depending on the type of foliage you opt for, there are still loads of options! I like to use a range of at least three types of seasonal foliage, with lots of whimsical trails to create a soft English garden look, but designs that use just one type material can look amazing and impactful in a cool, minimalist way.”


  • What should we watch out for? “Depending on the nature of your design, some venues and marquees will have specific policies around the set up, installation and clear down. For insurance reasons they may require that a member of their team help with the installation (climbing up on ladders, installing pulley systems, etc.) and there may be fees around this. It’s worth just checking with the venue about this. Another thing to consider is any potential damage to your venue’s existing structures your installation may cause. You wouldn’t want to accidentally drill a hole in a Grade I listed wall! Your florist will be able to advise on what your options are and what will be possible in the space, but it’s always good to keep an open mind and be flexible. There’s almost always an alternative design that will look just as great as you wished it to be!”


 … And finally, a few more things to think about:
  • Calligraphy signs can be easily nestled into most of the arrangement ideas above, so think about whether metal, wood, acrylic, or even neon words could add to your decor (table numbers, a favourite quote, etc).
  • If you have your heart set on hanging flowers, do keep this in mind when visiting venues, as not all spaces will suit this type of decor. Look for high ceilings, beams, chandeliers, and other in-built structures from which to hang the flowers safely.
  • If you have opted for hanging installations, make sure you budget enough time for construction in the timeline of your wedding day; consider speaking to your venue about allowing the florist early access into the spaces she needs to decorate.
  • If you think you may choose long thin tables, hanging floral centrepieces can be a really stunning way of saving space and keeping the dining area clear for guests to enjoy – especially if you are planning large sharing platters.
  • Designing and building these types of decorations safely and beautifully can be really tricky, so make sure you hire a professional florist that has experience in this area.
  • Most hanging floral decor does not include water receptacles, like normal vases, so extra care will need to be taken to stop the flowers from wilting too quickly – keeping the temperature cool can help.
  • Hanging wedding flower arrangement will typically require more flowers than you might think, so if you’re looking to keep costs down, talk to your florist about local and in-season blooms – or even incorporating artificial flowers or other objects / textures (balloons, feathers, glass, wood, foliage…).


I hope you enjoyed the fabulous blooms and floral tips, and found some inspiration for your wedding day! If you want to discuss some ideas, or need some help in bringing a floral masterpiece to life, get in touch so we can start brainstorming all the pretties ♡