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Today’s blog post is all about Pinterest, and how tips for how both engaged couples and wedding businesses can make the most of this fantastic tool. I’ve just released a podcast episode today on this topic, and I thought I would share the content here for you as well, in case reading is a more […]

While the concept of having an micro wedding or elopement may appeal to you, you may be wondering how to pull it off in practice – won’t wedding venues feel too empty and roomy for your carefully curated guestlist of nearest and dearest? The last thing you want is to feel like a square peg […]

My interview series with inspirational wedding professionals continues today with bridalwear designer Cynthia Grafton-Holt – a wonderful creative whom I had the joy of meeting last year. Her designs are couture, bespoke, and absolutely exquisite – all hand-crafted and custom made to fit her brides. Not only that – she’s infectiously positive and has an […]

After months of planning and research, and the support of some pretty awesome people, this little labour of love is now live – my brand new podcast! I’m so excited to share this with you, to hear your feedback, to connect with new humans, and just generally to bring people together in a thoughtful way. […]

The feedback I’ve heard most frequently from engaged couples over the last few months, whether or not their celebrations have been postponed, is that they are finding it hard to force themselves in a positive wedding planning headspace – which is a completely normal and valid emotion. However, it’s also very important to say that […]

With more and more couples having intimate destination weddings, summer still being the favourite season for your celebrations, and the sun shining us through May, I wanted to put together some advice for all you gorgeous ladies out there concerned about hot temperatures wreaking havoc with your hair and make-up look. The culprits when it […]

My interview series with inspirational wedding professionals continues today with the wonderful Manon Pauffin – a wedding and portrait photographer whose company and work always lifts my spirits. She’s super talented, and has a golden heart to match! I’m so delighted to introduce her to you today, and hope you enjoy this little behind-the-scenes tour […]

My interview series with inspirational wedding professionals continues today with the wonderful Storme of Storme Make-up and Hair. She’s one of the most hard-working, dedicated, and kind people I’ve had the joy of meeting and working with in the wedding industry, and I’m so privileged to be able to call her my friend. We’ve partnered […]

As a result of everything that’s been going on in the world right now, many couples are reconsidering their plans, and opting to have a small wedding or elopement instead of a big celebration. There are also those of you who have always known you wanted to have a more intimate wedding, and this is […]

Today’s interview is with the wonderful Anna from Anna Fern Weddings, a florist and stylist whom I hugely admire: her work is full of creativity, heart, and magic, while also always being so modern and innovative, which I adore. She’s a fellow Italian, a fellow Londoner, and a fellow romantic – I know you’ll love […]

You: I dream of an intimate, relaxed atmosphere for my wedding, with a small guest list, a cosy venue, and plenty of time to spend with the people I love most. Also you: Is that giant castle available on October 10th? …and to live in forever? If you’ve fallen in love with a beautifully epic […]

If you’re planning on having an intimate ceremony with just the two of you, and perhaps just a few family members, but would still love to invite your loved ones to be a part of this experience, then streaming the ceremony can be a wonderful choice. This new reality we are all facing has made […]

Hello friends – and thank you so much for joining me on the blog! Today I want to talk about the wonderful world of elopements: what they are, how to plan an elopement you love, what you’ll likely need for it, and some ideas on where to explore. Let’s back up a few steps – […]

The main purpose of this blog post is to give a little virtual hug to all you couples planning your weddings or elopements for 2020 or 2021, currently navigating unprecedented uncertainty within this industry, while also figuring out how to balance all the financial, emotional, and practical difficulties. If you find yourself wondering whether you […]

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most exciting and impactful decisions you’ll find yourself making while wedding planning – because every location, stylistic detail, outfit, and emotion will be captured through their eyes. Apart from the marriage itself, the photos will be one of the most enduring mementoes from this wonderful day – […]

A comprehensive guide to the marriage legalities, processes, and paperwork for civil, religious, and humanist wedding ceremonies in the UK, for both UK and foreign nationals, and for both straight and same-sex couples. The UK offers an absolutely staggering variety of gorgeous wedding backdrops, and is home to some exceptionally talented wedding suppliers – so […]

Tips and advice for finding the right wedding dress for you in a happy, mindful, and authentic way.

Six suggestions on how to preserve your wedding flowers in a mindful ,beautiful way.

Just as “every accent is a New York accent” – every type of building is a London building. Whether you’re a lover of art or food, quiet or bustle, modernism or history – there is a place for you to call home away from home. I’m starting a new series today to share with you […]

Something I often discuss on social media and on my blog is just how strongly I believe in the community aspect of the wedding industry. I love getting to know other wedding professionals, their whys, their passions, and their behind-the-scenes processes too – as a wedding planner, I truly feel that the most complete way […]