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Brought to you by Valentina at The Stars Inside: wedding and elopement planner for cool people like YOU who believe every moment has magic in it if you look closely enough.

Effortlessly Chic & Playful Bridal Lookbook

Planning & Styling: The Stars Inside
Art Direction & Videography: Russell Kent Nicholls 
Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Photography
Concept & Outfits: TH & TH
Venue: Flore House
Flowers: Louise Langdon Florals 
Shoes: Charlotte Mills
Make-up Artist: Bryony Dalton
Hairstylist: Jaimie Tanner
Rings: Holly Robinson Jewellery
Headpieces: AURA Bridalwear
Female Model: Paloma B. from Contact

“The One” was a dress story inspired by the effortless elegance of Miss Dior perfume adverts - with an extra dose of bridal whimsy, magic, and fierceness. The team came together for this creative collaboration to inspire brides and bridesmaids out there who might be feeling a little overwhelmed and drained by wedding planning during such a difficult year, and who may need a reminder of just how fabulous they are! The narrative for this mini-film was that of a woman searching for that one dress – for THE dress. Every room she enters transforms what she’s wearing, flowers following her footsteps as she playfully explores the hallways and gardens of the manor. Finally, she finds the path that leads her to the gown that was waiting for her all along – as the sun sets across the rolling hills of the English countryside. We love the way Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Miss Dior shows a strong, liberated woman who embraces all the different facets of romance; similarly we wanted to echo this fearlessness in our story, with our protagonist unafraid to discover what lies on the other side of each door, determined to discover the gorgeous bride that she is.