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Brought to you by Valentina at The Stars Inside: wedding and elopement planner for cool people like YOU who believe every moment has magic in it if you look closely enough.

A candle-lit wedding celebration
at the Temperate House in Kew Gardens

Planning & Styling: The Stars Inside
Photography: Taylor & Porter
Videography: Grace & Mitch
Venue: Kew Gardens
Flowers & Candles: Mary Jane Vaughan
Catering: Blue Strawberry
Furniture: Options Great Hire
Cake: Avant Garde Cake Studio
Hair & Makeup: Quelle Bester
Lighting & Production: Delta Live
Music: GIGZ Management
On the day assistant: Jessica Blake

With a big, beautiful cosmopolitan guest list of family and friends across the UK, US, and Japan, R&P chose to host their wedding in the fantastical Temperate House - an iconic London landmark which forms a key part of Kew Garden's plant conservation efforts. The couple wanted the gathering to feel welcoming, intimate, and understated, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the natural scenery and catch-up with loved ones in a meaningful way. It was a day filled with laughter and literature - an unforgettable celebration planned while navigating the difficulties of a global pandemic, and that was brought to life even more joyfully and beautifully than I could have imagined, thanks to an absolutely stellar team and the grace and resilience of this wonderful couple. A story that I was honoured to be part of, from start to finish!