a wild & heartfelt elopement on the

Brought to you by Valentina at The Stars Inside: wedding and elopement planner for cool people like YOU who believe every moment has magic in it if you look closely enough.

Planning & Styling: The Stars Inside
Photography & Planning: Rebecca Carpenter
Videography: Russell Kent Nicholls
Hair & Make-up: Kate Elliot Muir
Stationery: Laura Elizabeth Patrick
Flowers: Flowermug
Headpiece: Moondome
Speedboat Hire: Portnellan Farm

On a rainy Novembers’ day, the day before K&JJ were due to marry in the town of Ayr, in Scotland, we ran away with just a photographer, videographer, bouquet, and hair and make-up artist, to capture some intimate, spontaneous moments between the bride and groom. We opened up a map and chose one of the shores of Loch Lomond – where we happened to find a friendly man with a boat, and plenty of knowledge of all the little islets dotted around the lake. As the mist wrapped around us, we arrived in our own private paradise, with nothing but the sound of rain and waves as company. We explored and adventured through the trees until we found the perfect spot, a pebble beach with the mountains on the horizon. As they whispered their vows to one another, barefoot and hand-in-hand, it seemed like there was nobody else in the whole world but them. And while they looked forward to the big wedding celebrations due to happen the following day with their friends and family, they revelled in this moment of togetherness and peace – a chance to reflect on the wonders yet to come.   

Rainy, Intimate Elopement in the Hills and Lochs of Scotland