that are beautiful inside and out

I believe in aligning your values, priorities, and passions with the way you celebrate. I'm here to help you find your wedding WHY, act on it with good intent and a light heart free from expectation, and experience the joy you deserve.

My specialty is bringing to life bespoke, extraordinary, slow living experiences that inspire conversation and delight with unexpected, considered detail. I'm here so you can create deeper connections with your loved ones through a heartfelt, elevated wedding experience - holding lifelong memories of SO much more than just a party. 

Creating beautiful spaces is key to what I do - no detail spared from the love, joy, and care that I am so proud to pour into my work. But at the heart of it, it's even deeper than that - I want your wedding to feel like home, like THIS is the day that was made for you, where you want to share stories and freeze time. I want to create room for the things that life rushes by: for candle-lit conversations, for dancing even after the music has stopped, for crying and laughing all at once. The magic is all already there: I'm just here to make sure there is time and space for it, and for the things that truly matter.

The Stars Inside is an international wedding and elopement planning, styling, and design studio curating meaningful experiences in the world's most beautiful places. 

My name is Valentina, and I'm here for your intentionally intimate weddings, your soulful elopements, and your mindfully designed celebrations. If you're looking to have a personal and authentic day full of light, love, and beauty - if you're a modern, imagination-driven couple wanting to do things a little differently - if you like the idea of combining a sense of adventure with the comfort of meaningful luxuries - I'm your person, and I'll travel with you anywhere in the world you want to go. I partner with my couples to give them complete peace of mind, while helping them fall in love with their day: a wedding as unique as the love story it celebrates.

telling stories that celebrate the people they're about

welcoming my couples into my family, and being welcomed into theirs

setting up my couples with their wedding vendor soulmates, and vice versa

creating time and space for tearful moments of joy

creating beauty with meaning

being a source of creative ideas that make your eyes go wide

giving in to CURIOSITY

striving for excellence just as fervently when nobody is looking as when everyone is

leaving things more beautiful than how I found them

being there for you

making things happen that make humans happy

finding magic in the ordinary

sprinkling artistry, enchantment, elegance and love - all over - like confetti

watching humans connect in meaningful ways

supporting and empowering creative humans with big hearts

being kind, open-minded, and playful, even when there's nothing to be gained

earning respect through hard work and authenticity

being someone who hugs tight, listens well, and loves hard 

turning Abstract Ideas into Reality - the more farfetched, the better

cultivating and nourishing a relationship with a community of creatives based on trust and honesty

breathing new life into old ideas, freeing people from Clichés & stepping outside of Trends

working closely and comfortably with people I admire and believe in

seeing the looks on my clients’ faces as they walk into an atmosphere we’ve brought to life together

exploring the perfectly imperfect things of this world

my why



creating atmosphere for intimate weddings worldwide, from concept to closing time. Where creativity meets choreography - From day one, to day of, for celebrations that looks as magical as they feel.

elopement planner for the dream chasers and light seekers. making time and space for the people that truly matter, in Playful, soulful wedding experiences full of magic and joy.

what's in it for you

I plan, style, and design experiences for heart-on-sleeve people that want to live in the moment



fashion-forward art direction for brands, photoshoots, and publications in search of beauty and innovation. visual and written storytelling.


multiple-day destination wedding experiences that celebrate togetherness, mindfulness, and escapism. finding you that one place on the map that feels like home and adventure all at once. 


ubud, bali
tulum, mexico
the faroe islands
the dolomites
new zealand

shall we go make some memories?

"Making the decision to elope was not the easiest, we felt the weight of familial expectations and were worried about hurting feelings. At the same time, we knew that we wanted to hold an intimate ceremony where we could truly focus on each other, free of distractions. Eloping made the most sense for us because it allowed us to highlight the most cherished parts of our relationship and what marriage meant to us — adventure, romance, unity — in a way that was authentic to us. We were still able to include our friends and family throughout the process, so when our actual wedding day came and it was just the two of us, we still felt the love and support of our loved ones but were able to focus our full attention on one another.

We were excited to plan an elopement but were nervous about bringing someone new into what we envisioned as an intimate ceremony. From even our initial meeting, Valentina’s enthusiastic spirit put us at ease, and we knew we could trust her to help us realize our dream wedding. Just as we had hoped, she used her creativity and professionalism to help us bring together the right team to design a wedding that was sincere to our relationship. What we did not expect was how quickly Valentina became a friend and confidant. She was there to guide us through all of the beautiful and rawly emotional parts of the wedding planning process and was as steadfast in her advice as she was generous with her support. By the time our wedding arrived it truly felt as though we were sharing our special day with an old friend who knew our deepest hearts.

We are endlessly grateful for all of the dedication Valentina showed us during the planning process and on our special day."

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love notes

I'm over the moon to have won Best Destination Wedding Planner in the 2022 Bridelux Wedding Awards! An immense joy and honour for me, and something I'm very
proud of!