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Full service styling, planning, and creative design studio curating thoughtful experiences across the UK and Europe.

My name is Valentina, and I revel in intimate weddings, adventurous elopements, and soulful brands.
I partner with style-conscious, discerning couples looking to have authentic celebrations with a creative and design-led focus.  My specialty is planning modern weddings and brand experiences marked by considered and immersive detail that inspires conversation and transports you to another world. I'm here to help you tell your story, to create an atmosphere that feels like home, and to give you time and space for what truly matters.

Like you, I believe in meaningful luxury, unapologetic enthusiasm, and wild imagination.
I believe in the power of celebrating the inner child, of colouring outside the lines with intention,
and of being present in every moment. I believe in bringing together spaces and people with thoughtfulness, and creating images that make people feel wonder, happiness and pride.
Like you, I don't fit into boxes. I leave room for magic.
I play.

being a source of creative ideas that make your eyes go wide

striving for excellence just as fervently when nobody is looking as when everyone is

leaving things more beautiful than how I found them

being there for you

making things happen that make humans happy

finding magic in the ordinary

supporting and empowering creative humans with big hearts

being kind, open-minded, and playful, even when there's nothing to be gained

earning respect through hard work and authenticity

being someone who hugs tight, listens well, and loves hard 

cultivating and nourishing a relationship with a community of creatives based on trust and honesty

working closely and comfortably with people I admire and believe in

my why


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