Valentina Ring

English by address, Italian by blood, and explorer by spirit.

Hopeless romantic, living for those moments that make you want to hug a little harder, that make your heart beat a little faster, and that make you watch the stars a little longer.

Head Storyteller, Serial Traveller & Professional Third Wheel.

Proudly INFJ.


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My name is Valentina and I work from my home studio in Amersham, in Buckinghamshire, where I live with my wonderful husband, James. I'm originally from Rome, in Italy, where my family still lives; I grew up travelling between New York, Italy, and Brazil, before making a home in the UK eighteen years ago. I'm very much a traveller at heart, and my husband and I go to new places every chance we get - travelling is a passion we share, and that always brings us closer. 

The path that has brought me to the wedding industry hasn't been a straight one - but now I know that the best adventures are the ones full of plot twists, and I wouldn't have it any other way! My experiences enrich my work now in complementary ways: my years as an astrophysicist make me a puzzle-loving logical thinker, driven by curiosity and the challenge of solving problems; my years studying and working as an aerialist & circus performer have made me passionate about uniqueness and creativity, about connecting with people, and about telling stories in a way that is aesthetically beautiful and deeply human; and my years working on the trading floor of a bank have given me a practical perspective on how to make things happen, and how to communicate with lots of different types of people. I needed every single part of my background to give me the tools, skills, and strengths that I use to serve my clients and colleagues.

Now, there is nowhere I would rather be. I founded The Stars Inside in September 2017 because, for me, this is the most personal and rewarding pursuit of beauty and happiness, and the answer to questions I didn't even know I was asking. Working in the events industry means doing more of what I love, it means using all my different skills towards a happy purpose, and it means meeting awesome people like you. It may not sound like it from the jobs I mentioned, but I've been preparing for this my whole life.

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our wedding in Italy in July 2017


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Alone in the Dark

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My name is Valentina, and I'm a wedding and event planner specialising in intimate and meaningful celebrations all over the world, for people like you.

My why is looking after my clients' wellbeing and happiness by connecting closely with them to create unique celebrations with style, playfulness, and integrity.

I innovate and partner with like-minded creatives to curate exceptional
experiences and moments that truly reflect YOU. I have a very passionate,
wholehearted, and holistic approach to my work -
 I'm all in, every step of the way.

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since i was 8

fantasy videogames

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Europe, South America, and North America



secret cinema



especially fabulously fluffy ones

any dog

I will melt at the sight of




all the time



as every meal of the day

with maple syrup

I COULD EAT pancakes

and prefer listening

I'm Contemplative & introverted

to talking

when i can't sleep



be brave

be graceful

Words I try to live by:

be humble

be kind

for hours

i drink coffee in bed and read and listen to the world

ON sunday morningS

especially in the kitchen



as i am right side up

upside down

I'm Just as comfortable

kind of person

milk before cereal

I'm a

and wear my feelings all over my sleeves

I'm very sensitive and


for a change in perspective

sometimes when i'm thinking

i lie on the floor

is a cozy, crisp autumn

MY favourite


have enough



things about me

things that are important to me




respect, kindness, and integrity

exploration and learning

my work ethic

I become friends with the humans I work with because I love my job and because you're so much more than a "client" or "supplier" to me. I take pride in going above and beyond to make something the most perfect for you that it can be. I focus on quality over quantity, and only take on a limited number of partnerships per year - so I can show up for each and every one as physically, mentally, and creatively charged as I can. 

I believe that connection and trust foster all the best things in the world. I will always be open and honest with you, and encourage you to do the same with me. I want you to take your time finding out whether I'm the best partner for you, and I'd much rather you book someone else if I'm not. I want us both to be shouting about each other to the world, and doing Snoopy-style happy dances about having found each other.

I'm all about people doing things their way. I want the work we do together to speak YOUR truth, and to be meaningful to you because it reflects who you are and what you feel right now. Everyone's story is different, full of plot twists, and just as beautiful. I'm a people's person, and lovc listening to who you are and what lights you up.

I love harnessing originality and pushing the boundaries of what's expected and what's normal. I have a wild imagination, and I play with it. I believe in the power of intentionally colouring outside the lines, and of exploring many different visual styles. I answer a 'why', with a 'why not'.

I feel strongly about everyone having the right to their thoughts, opinions, and needs. I strive to be graceful, sensitive, and kind in the way I tread through people's lives. I respect your privacy. I'm very emotive, and wear my feelings *all* over my sleeves and face.

I'm a logical thinker, and a serial problem solver. I find learning about new things very rewarding, and will always take the time to explore a route off the beaten path. I travel as much as I can, and I breathe it all in when I do. I believe there is always more to learn, and that the most important thing is to stay curious and humble.

I believe in kindness and empathy, and transforming life's experiences by choosing joy and being unashamedly enthusiastic about it. I believe that success is measured by how you make people around you FEEL. I believe in the power of being generous with smiles, and meaning every single one. As Thumper teaches us - "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all."

travel diaries

Travel is a huge part of my life, and I love sharing this passion with my couples too! My husband and I love exploring the world on road trips and adventure holidays in which we experience local wildlife, cuisine, and nature - and we adore documenting these with photos and videos throughout the journey. If you'd like to see some behind-the-scenes of my recent trips, you can see more on my Instagram profile: scroll through my highlights to see stories from Namibia, Iceland, Italy, Scotland, and so much more.

real love, and real moments


warm cheese

aligning actions with goals

a new dress

crease-free tablecloths that touch the floor

cocooning on the sofa with my hubby

travelling to new places

ticking off to do lists


learning new things

beautiful light

Things at right angles & in parallel lines

surreal, abstract, and dry humour

playing videogames

running in the rain

sweet fruity cocktails

correct punctuation

Harmonious colour stories

going to the cinema (and nibbling on pick'n'mix)

disney movies

reading a really good book for hours

emotive photographs

being playful

Details that can be felt more than seen

soppy love stories

sitting by a log fire

aimless walks to stop and smell the flowers

sending and receiving voicenotes

every genre of music, at the right time

gooey chocolate brownies

laying in the sun

kind, smiley people

tight hugs

flowers everywhere

puzzles and riddles

beautiful words

being your hype girl

things I love

My awesome husband, photographer and videographer for all my social media and blogs, financial brain of the business,  and partner to all my adventures. When he's not busy assisting me on wedding things, standing in lakes, and fulfilling my (admittedly high) hug quota, he's a Doctor of Theoretical Physics and a Chartered Patent Attorney - and that's cool too.

Founder of The Stars Inside, wedding addict, and pancake connoisseur extraordinaire. I can be found spending just as much time on my laptop (called Thunder) as on the floor making things. Happiest when barefoot, brainstorming, and warm. Really geeky about fantasy videogames, Disney films, and puppies - but when I'm trying to be cool, I'm into jazz, red wine, and sketching.



I know it's soppy, but here goes: we truly do make each other feel complete. Not in a grandiose, stuff-of-movies kind of way. It's so much better than that. There is nobody I would rather spend time with, whether it's exploring a new country together or just quietly being in each other's presence curled up on the sofa. All the little things we do are what my happiness is made of: taking walks in the rain, giggling late at night, running errands together, making each other jump when we've got headphones on, Netflix marathons, playing videogames together (preferably with either magic or zombies involved - bonus for both), and all the other moments in between. The wonderful experience of becoming stronger together through marriage is what made me want to be a wedding planner, and my most favourite thing is to see how much others love & can be loved.

the real

love stuff


us as a couple


I donate 10% of my net profit to Cancer Research UK. I participate in as many fundraising charity runs as I can, and it's so important to me for my business to do its part too.

If charities are something you'd like to pay homage to or incorporate in your wedding, I would love to help you discover meaningful and personal ways to do so. From charity wedding favours to donating your flowers after the wedding, there's so many thoughtful and impactful options we can explore together. I've lost my mother, aunt, and grandmother to cancer, and sadly my story is just one of so many. For our wedding, my husband and I chose to make donations to Cancer Research in lieu of favours, and I even managed a few wobbly words during my speech - to those who fight, those we lost, and those forever with us.

charity donations

for those no longer with us, and those who fight