Organise, curate, and tell your story with a team you trust and respect, and without the constraints of fitting into a box or style. I give you the thoughtful excitement and loyalty of a close friend, with the calm, discerning taste, and knowledge of an experienced wedding planner.

Enjoy all the wonder, heart, and stars of your celebration.  You take the time to experience it all. You live the journey, love hard, breathe deep, dream big, and have fun.


intimate weddings and elopements that are unique &

w h a t   I   d o 

w h a t   y o u   d o 

I'm here for intentionally intimate weddings and elopements with character, thoughtfully curated and seamlessly executed. Beyond aesthetic beauty, I believe in wholehearted hospitality - in creating an experience made up of moments where you and your loved ones are fully connected. Whatever this means to you, and whatever support you need
to make it happen - I got you.

Here at The Stars Inside I offer a comprehensive planning and bespoke design service anywhere in the world, specialising in soulful elopements and unique, distinctive, intimate weddings - celebrations that feel like home, no matter the size. I pride myself in curating experiences that are heartfelt and authentic, where every detail is considered with great care. My goal is to give you gentle, solid guidance through your wedding planning, so you can experience joy every step of the way. What fills my heart the most is connecting with madly in love couples that want to be true to themselves without preconceptions or expectations on what their wedding should be. I’m not here for the posed, scripted, and staged - I'm here for the story weavers, the box-defiers, and the magic-believers.

Intimate weddings and elopements with character, thoughtfully curated and seamlessly executed. Your day is about YOU - and you deserve to plan it with joy, intention, and care. 

you're a modern couple, and, though you respect your family traditions, it's important to you to interpret them in a way that is meaningful and representative of your own values

you're madly in love with one another, and you get just as excited about sharing the big things as sharing the little things

you treasure moments with your family and with your friends, because you know that these memories are what life is all about

...but you also love beautiful things - You intentionally surround yourselves with things that make you happy, and you love it when a place or moment feels like home

you've lost count of all the different things you're interested in and inspired by - and you're always open to discovery and sharing new experiences

you each value your independence and your individuality, but you also love celebrating the unique quirks of who you are becoming as a couple and as a new family

you love travelling, and when you do, you take it all in - the scents, the food, the weather, the colours, and that feeling of personal growth and richness

you're a thoughtful and caring host, and you invest time into making sure your loved ones are relaxed, looked after, and happy

you enjoy the moments of quiet companionship, like when you're both curled up on the sofa lost in a book, but you also love losing yourselves in each other over good food, wine, and music

you want your wedding celebration to be remembered for all the right reasons - lots of laughter, delicious food, a stunning setting, and an awesome party

you don't have a lot of free time to plan and style your own wedding, and you value partnering with wedding creatives who can bring your ideas to life

a bit about you

giving you the freedom to

enjoy both the wedding planning journey and the wedding day to their fullest

and partnering with the most exceptionally talented suppliers to build you

a team you trust and respect

so that every detail and every moment

take your breath away.

i'm all about

and me? I do things a little bit differently too.



full planning & styling for elopements and micro weddings

full wedding
planning & styling for larger celebrations

destination weddings all over the world

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