Organise, curate, and tell your story with a team you trust and respect, and without the constraints of fitting into a box or style. I give you the thoughtful excitement and loyalty of a close friend, with the calm, discerning taste, and knowledge of an experienced wedding planner.

Enjoy all the wonder, heart, and stars of your celebration.  You take the time to experience it all. You live the journey, love hard, breathe deep, dream big, and have fun.


unique, story-driven, intimate weddings and

w h a t   I   d o 

w h a t   y o u   d o 

I'm here for  intentionally intimate weddings and elopements with character, thoughtfully curated and seamlessly executed. Beyond aesthetic beauty, I believe in wholehearted hospitality - in creating an experience made up of moments where you and your loved ones are fully connected.

These are the stories I live for.


Here at The Stars Inside I offer a comprehensive planning and bespoke design service anywhere in the world, specialising in soulful elopements and unique, distinctive, intimate weddings - celebrations that feel like home, no matter the size. I pride myself in redefining the concept of microweddings, and curating experiences that are heartfelt and authentic, where every detail is considered. What fills my heart the most is connecting with madly in love couples that want to shake things up a bit, and be true to themselves without preconceptions or expectations on what their wedding should be. I’m not here for the posed, scripted, and staged - I'm here for the story weavers, the box-defiers, and the magic-believers.

A wedding, at the very heart of it all, is just one quiet moment - it's sharing a kiss that vows: I don't ever want to live without you. It's one instant of light and love so large that everything else for the rest of your life will fit within it. It's a reason so deep that you'll forever find the courage, patience, and humility to fight for it.

freeing you to

enjoy the day to its fullest

partnering with the best and most soulful vendors and artisans to build a team

you trust and respect

and designing a wedding that

feels just like home

i'm all about

you're a modern couple, and, though you respect your family traditions, it's important to you to interpret them in a way that is meaningful and representative of your own values

you're madly in love with one another, and you get just as excited about sharing the big things as sharing the little things

you treasure moments with your family and with your friends, because you know that these memories are what life is all about

...but you also love beautiful things - You intentionally surround yourselves with things that make you happy, and you love it when a place or moment feels like home

you've lost count of all the different things you're interested in and inspired by - and you're always open to discovery and sharing new experiences

you each value your independence and your individuality, but you also love celebrating the unique quirks of who you are becoming as a couple and as a new family

you love travelling, and when you do, you take it all in - the scents, the food, the weather, the colours, and that feeling of personal growth and richness

you're a thoughtful and caring host, and you invest time into making sure your loved ones are relaxed, looked after, and happy

you enjoy the moments of quiet companionship, like when you're both curled up on the sofa lost in a book, but you also love losing yourselves in each other over good food, wine, and music

you want your wedding celebration to be remembered for all the right reasons - lots of laughter, delicious food, a stunning setting, and an awesome party

you don't have a lot of free time to plan and style your own wedding, and you value partnering with wedding creatives who can bring your ideas to life

a little bit about you


elopements &
micro weddings

Every couple I work with is unique! My full service elopement planning and styling fee starts from £1,250, depending on location, number of guests, and level of support you're looking for. Please enquire for details and bespoke pricing,

If you're thinking of eloping just the two of you or having a small, intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest - I'm here for you. I specialise in helping couples bring to life celebrations that are deeply authentic, desperately romantic, and visually breathtaking. I will travel anywhere in the world with you, and help you create an experience to remember. My services and creations are always completely bespoke and unique to you, tailored to the vision and budget you have for your celebration. 

My elopement planning service is suitable for guestlists of up to 30, and combines exceptional creativity with flawless project management: I provide you with complete support on the creative side – such as concept creation, design realisation, and venue & supplier searches – as well as all the practical details that will make your planning journey as smooth, calm, and laid-back as possible – such as helping you navigate the legal side, budget management, contract review, communication with the suppliers you need, organisation of your stay, full on-the-day coordination, and being there for you as we find the solutions that are right for YOU. No outdated traditions, no crowds, just love.

I am always honoured to connect with couples looking to celebrate their union in this way - dreamers who aren't afraid to be joyful, vulnerable, and true to what matters the most to them. Madly in love humans who want to celebrate their story in a personal way are MY JAM. Whether you want your wedding adventure to be rock'n'roll, or chilled cosy jazz - wherever you are in the world, and wherever your dream wedding is, I'm 100% on board.




with fewer than 30 guests


full wedding planning & styling

Every wedding is quoted on a case by case basis, with proposals tailored to the event size and level of support you need. For full planning, expect to pay around 12% of the overall budget, with a minimum fee of £5,000. Destination weddings loved and will be quoted on individually.

My complete wedding planning and styling support is designed for couples who prefer to plan their wedding alongside an industry expert. This service is suitable for guestlists greater than 30, and is all about elevating the experience through custom details and impeccable organisation. I guide you through the planning process to cohesively bring your vision to life, while giving you the time and serenity to enjoy the journey. I’ll give you honest advice and empower you to confidently make decisions that are right for you, while recommending trusted and talented vendors. I'll direct the entire planning process and orchestrate the complete creative vision, including:

- Creating a tailored design concept
- Joining you for location scouting trips
- Giving you access to specialised planning tools
- Helping you with marriage legalities and contracts
- Managing your budget
- Planning all logistics
- Providing you trusted venue & supplier connections
- Creating checklists, timelines, and floor plans
- Liaising with and briefing all your vendors 
- Full coordination of the wedding day & other events

Being your wedding planner means being there for you for everything, from the smallest aesthetic detail to the largest scale logistical puzzle - I provide you expert guidance and advice whenever you need me (typically anywhere from 250 to 400+ planning hours, but there's no limit!). I can be on site with you for as long as you need, to give you complete peace of mind and to ensure everything is brought to life even more wonderfully than you imagined it. 


I take on a select number of full planning events each year, managing the entire design of the event as well as every logistical detail. This allows me to create cohesive, unforgettable, timeless events.


for more than 30 guests


My styling support is designed for the savvy couple who appreciates planning the logistics of their own wedding but wants to partner with a professional to oversee the creative and aesthetic side of the guest experience. I will immerse myself in your love story, and create a bespoke design concept for you. I will guide you in sourcing, briefing, and co-ordinating all the suppliers in your styling team, including floral design, stationery, linen, crockery, décor and lighting. While planning, my expertise and advice is on hand whenever you want it, and on the day of the wedding I'll be on site to style your venue areas and oversee set up, room turn arounds, and clear up - so that everything feels as breathtaking as it is effortless.

If you have a clear vision of the design of your wedding, but want someone there with you as the day nears to ensure all your hard work and creativity pays off, I can offer completely bespoke levels of styling support - such as helping you find the perfect dream team of suppliers, assisting you for the last few months, hourly inspiration sessions, or just being there on the day to follow your instructions and dress each area of the venue so that your vision is executed perfectly. I can also combine this with on-the-day coordination, which includes managing all suppliers, coordinating timings, and looking after your guests so you can relax and enjoy all the magic of your day.

Let's make a head (or two) turn

creative direction & styling

Full styling services start from £3,000 but I also offer partial packages completely tailored around your requirements. Styling support can also be combined with on-the-day coordination. Please enquire for details and bespoke pricing.


full, partial, or on-the-day

I adapt my services to the level of support you need. Everything listed above is just a starting point for the conversation - every couple and every wedding is completely unique, and my goal is to fit around YOU. I want you to do more of what you love, and less of what you don't.

My philosophy is that your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate life, to be present, and to appreciate the beauty of both individuality and togetherness. I also believe in creating with, rather than creating for - being your planner is a partnership, and I will always afford it the attention it deserves. 

My promise to you is that I will always be generous with my time, I will care about your celebrations with all my heart, and I will find you the most exceptionally talented suppliers to make sure every detail takes your breath away. 

I will always encourage you to embrace your own individual style: one of the joys of helping you tell your story is uncovering how to weave unique, personalised elements into your wedding concept, thereby instilling a sense of belonging and creating meaningful talking points for your loved ones, and a heartfelt and mindful experience for you. I want you to feel present in every moment - and I want it to feel like your venue was built especially for you - like your wedding could never have been anywhere else, on any other day.

Peace of mind &             of heart

As a boutique agency with a highly personalized touch, I don’t offer one-size-fits-all pricing or packages. Wedding planning can be different things to different people, but first and foremost it is an investment in you

To ensure I'm as physically, mentally, and creatively charged for you as I can be, I only take on a limited number of events and collaborations each year, based on style and affinity. Client experience is my top priority, starting with a discovery consultation and a custom proposal the reflects your needs. We’ll chat over email, Skype, coffee, or cocktails, and find out if we're the right partners for one another. If you feel a connection with my work beyond the realm of price-shopping and you would like to leap into this adventure together, I'm all in.

To learn more about creating something meaningful together, get in touch.

Whether you're looking for a wedding planner to join you for the whole journey, a stylist to help you with the aesthetics, or support in bringing to life an intimate elopement anywhere around the world - whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist - whether your venue is a manor, an art gallery, or a cliffside - I've got you. If you're here to create a celebration that is true to YOU, I'm your person.

I will support you every step of the journey. I collaborate with you to create experiences that are imaginative, stylish, and impeccably executed, making magic all along the way by capturing the legacy of who you are becoming together. Because, after all is said and done, what really matters is that you come out of it making each other's heart beat that little bit faster. What matters is those moments in between, the way you look at each other when you laugh, and waking up next to each other for the rest of your days.

I want you to know that I come to your day wholeheartedly invested in you, your families, and your lasting love. I truly believe there is beauty and value in every wedding - which is why it should be planned with joy and care



Working with a wedding planner, to me, means being in it together, from day one to day of. It means having someone to bounce ideas off whenever you need – someone to give you straight-talking, un-biased, experience-based advice from the heart. We work closely from the very start, to get to know each other better, talk through your ideas, and outline the timeline of the planning journey. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that everything will get done at the most natural pace: nothing will be forgotten, or slip through the cracks, because I’ll keep my finger on the pulse of each to-do. We’ll refine both the creative and the practical side until every supplier, every detail, and every decision reflects the story YOU want to tell. The styling of your day (how it will look and feel) plays a key role in the support I offer couples, because I believe it's a powerful way of translating your love story into a space, and bottling up that joy into visual memories for years to come.


I'm here


for you

TIME & Peace of MIND.

But this isn’t a case of style over substance – I'll go through budgets, contracts, timelines, emails, accessibility, schedules, floorplans, calculations – and be as involved in the logistics as you want me to be. I’ll give you regular status updates on our progress, so we can be efficient and intentional with the time you spend on wedmin. My aim is to create the space and time for you to love and have fun and feel truly inspired, and to enjoy looking forward to your wedding. I’ll guide you in finding a team of talented suppliers that you trust and that align with your vision. I’ll help you ask the right questions and foresee consequences so that, on the day, everything feels as sensational as it is effortless. I'm as much a strategist as a doer – and ALWAYS a confidant that cares about your wedding as much as you do.

On the wedding day, no task is too big or too small – I’m on hand to problem solve, smooth over, tidy, keep the schedule ticking, look after guests and suppliers, oversee every transition, protect your interests, surround you with beauty, and make sure you smile so hard all day that your face hurts. 

My advice to couples is this: spend money where your stress is. Planning (and being at) your wedding shouldn't be stressful, it should be FUN - so if something is causing you worry, that's where investing your budget will make the most impact to you. If you're afraid the day will rush by and you might not remember everything, hire a fantastic photographer to capture every moment. If you're worried about key tasks or making it all fit together, hire a skilled planner - and if you don't think you have time or energy to add in those special details, hire a stylist and kickass team of creative vendors to bring to life a wedding celebration that is as much art as it is functional. It's all about your priorities and your values, and what is right for YOU.

Why hire a wedding planner?

If you think you'd like the support of a planner for your wedding, do take your time getting to know a few of us - from our websites, our work, our testimonials, and in-person or Skype consultations. Finding the right partner for you is key to ensuring the planning journey is as fun, efficient, and stress-free it can be, and it's all about affinity of heart (personality) and mind (creativity). Some planners specialise in particular geographies, styles, or types of celebrations, and it's ok to ask that question - the relationship will work best when built on a foundation of openness, honesty, and transparency.

My signature and specialty revolves around the creative process itself - what excites me most is to take the seed of an idea and bring it to life over the course of the months during which we work together. In that sense, there are three common threads to all the work I do:

What's your style?

1. Story. I believe that a wedding is a story of the couple, and as such it's more about how everything works together than the individual style of any given element. The ceremony, reception, and party are chapters, and each should "feel" like hanging out with the couple feels. The process of planning the wedding is part of it too, as the couple grows stronger and more in love with each other's thoughts.

2. Detail. I believe in the art of meaningful and thoughtful detail - whether there's one or hundreds. In that sense, I can get just as excited about a clean, minimalist vibe as I can about a surreal, fairytale wedding. What matters to me is that every detail is curated to have purpose, depth, and a part to play in the story - and is told in a seamless choreography.

3. Play. I believe in the power of play, and of colouring outside the lines with intention. It's about freeing the imagination of the inner child - the removal of preconceptions, the uninhibited exploration of space, and the magic that happens when you take ideas and feelings to the edge of realism. It's about playing make-believe.

If you think a playful, detail-oriented storyteller might be your kind of person, come say hi.