A wedding day is an experience so much larger than the sum of its parts - every detail coming together into a narrative that will shape our memories as long as we live. It becomes a part of your identity, your family history, and your legacy. And thinking back, you'll grin proudly at the choices you made for your wedding - the things you wore that made you feel incredible, the food you'll never forget, the music you danced to with your best friend, the laughter in each other's eyes, the way the light moved on your favourite flowers, the details that surprised you, and the meaningful luxuries and playful moments that marked the day as irreplaceably YOURS. 



And no location is off the table.

I'm here to help you let go of expectations when it comes to your wedding, so that together we can find that one place in the world that feels made for you - that one place on the map that feels like home and adventure all at once. I can guide you in unlocking the destination that is truly a reflection of YOU - while elevating your wedding design with precision, artistry, and intentionality.

A destination wedding isn’t just a party abroad - it’s time to explore, it’s kisses in the sunlight, it’s permission to go barefoot and feel the ground beneath you. It’s that magic that happens when you’re somewhere new, when you’re not wearing your watch, and when you say yes to everything because you never know which is going to be your next favourite memory. It’s a chance to be surprised, to remind yourself who you are when life’s routine fades away, and to breathe in every moment. Travel is in our hearts and in our souls, and it’s waiting for you both, whenever you’re ready.


full planning for destination weddings

(OR TWO) TURN, anywhere in the world you want to go

and multiple-day international celebrations


Every wedding is quoted on a case by case basis, with proposals tailored to the event size, location, and level of support you need. Multiple-day destination wedding planning fees start from GBP £12,000.

When it comes to wedding planning, my specialty is creating really magical, detail-rich, heartfelt celebrations filled with meaningful luxury: I'm all about supporting couples in re-interpreting traditions their own way, and telling their story however feels most right to them. I believe in partnering with you to bring together the most fantastic team of trusted, high-calibre vendors, unlocking the style of wedding you love, and then organising everything together in a completely mindful and intentional way - so the day can run seamlessly, look totally breathtaking, and, most importantly, so that you and your guests can experience the day fully. 

I specialise in sophisticated multiple-day destination weddings - in fact, I'm an expert at getting to know a destination remotely, even if it's somewhere I've never been! I do all the research so that you don't have to, and so that you have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing you have an expert international wedding planner at your side, every step of the way. I've worked all over the UK, Europe, the US, and Africa, so no destination is too far or too exotic! 

My destination wedding planning support includes:

- Helping you research, choose, and book a dream combination of locations and suppliers tailored to you, anywhere in the world you would like to go;
- Unlimited communication! This means having access to my time / experience / contacts / advice from now until the wedding day - any logistics, any styling, any sanity checking, any travel tips - with no limits on time or topic;
- Creating a design concept (the way the day looks and feels) that embodies all the things you are most excited about and love the most! I will help you curate the whole celebration, which can be everything from the colours of the flowers down to the smallest detail of the experience itself;
- Assisting you in planning and designing any pre- or post-wedding gatherings or activities for you and your loved ones, like a welcome dinner of goodbye brunch!
- Helping you create a totally personal and meaningful ceremony - either symbolic, or legal in the country of your choice;
- Helping you communicate with and brief your international team of vendors, while giving you expert, caring guidance every step of the way;
- Helping you tie all loose ends as we get closer, including briefing all your vendors and teams and creating a timeline of the day that suits YOU;
- Giving you access to a personalised profile on a project management platform that we share, for you to use as much or as little as you wish;
- Being on site with you to make sure everything comes to life as magically and smoothly as possible (usually that's from the day before the wedding to the day after, but of course can be more than 3 days for longer destination weddings);
- And just generally being there for you through the journey in any way you need me!

I'm based just outside London, in the UK, but I'm Italian myself and very much a traveller at heart! I travel all over the world with and for my couples, and I can be on site with you for as long as you need, to give you complete peace of mind and to ensure everything is brought to life even more wonderfully than you imagined it. 

I take on a select number of destination events each year, managing the entire design of the event as well as every logistical detail - anywhere in the world you would like to celebrate.

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I adapt my services to the level of support you need. Everything listed above is just a starting point for the conversation - every couple and every wedding is completely unique, and my goal is to fit around YOU. I want you to do more of what you love, and less of what you don't.