My job is not my passion, people are. Their stories, their beauty, and their light.

I am extremely proud of every wedding, elopement, and creative project that I have the honour of working on, and even more so of the amazing people I become friends with along the way.  Here are some of their very kind, touching words and testimonials.


testimonials, love notes and kind

K & JJ

she was there for US, and all our guests too

from my couples

“Booking Valentina will be the best investment in your wedding you could possibly make. We had looked at other wedding planners when we first got engaged but nothing felt right about the ones we spoke to so we just left it and decided to do it ourselves. I met Valentina about a year and a half after getting engaged and I wanted to book her for our wedding from the moment I met her! Her style and attention to detail is unmatched, which I already knew from following her work online but once I met her in person I loved her even more. So many of our friends and family came to us after the wedding to talk about Valentina and how great she was on the day, not only for us but lots of them individually. It was so lovely to hear that, knowing that on the day she was there for all our guests too and not only us.

Valentina will add so much more to your day than you could have even imagined. She really genuinely listens to you, your visions and hopes for the day, does her research and gives you so many ideas and options in a really calm and unforced way. Her energy is so calming, and I always immediately felt better after speaking with her. You can tell how much she loves her job with how much time, care and detail is put into every message, every email and the work she produces. She really made me feel excited again about wedding planning and brought all the magic touches I’d hoped for. I think what makes Valentina so special is not how how much of an expert she is in what she does, but her personality. It is so rare to come across someone like her. She was so invested in us and our day, and we really felt that. "

A & A

PROBABLY the best decision we madE

“We had to stretch our budget a little to work with Valentina and it was probably the best decision we made! Valentina seems to have very good instinct as to what is a preference, and what is a must-have, without us even understanding it ourselves. She knew exactly when to encourage which decisions to make, where to spend money, and when to look for alternatives. We had our own vision of our wedding day and Valentina encouraged us to be true to ourselves, and to elope. She even helped us think about how to communicate it to friends and family so as not to hurt them! And I can't imagine doing it any other way, it really was perfect for us.

Every suggestion she made was spot on: we spent a large part of budget on the ceremony venue we fell in love with, because she told us how important it would be, and she was of course right! We actually "lost" our photographer two weeks prior to wedding day, and she managed to find us a new one in just 2 days. If that's not magic, then what is?! Although we had to stretch our budget to have Valentina onboard, I can say now with all certainty that she is not charging enough for all the work she does! Even after the wedding, I honestly miss Valentina."

R & P

Kind, amazing organization skills, good taste

“Valentina is one of the kindest and most supportive people you will ever work with. She is also truly on top of things organisationally. We're so happy she was part of our wedding!

You made everything feel much less stressful, and you were super responsive to listening to what we needed help with and what we felt confident doing ourselves. We couldn't imagine having done it so smoothly without you."

L & A

“Making the decision to elope was not the easiest, we felt the weight of familial expectations and were worried about hurting feelings. At the same time, we knew that we wanted to hold an intimate ceremony where we could truly focus on each other, free of distractions. Eloping made the most sense for us because it allowed us to highlight the most cherished parts of our relationship and what marriage meant to us — adventure, romance, unity — in a way that was authentic to us. We were still able to include our friends and family throughout the process, so when our actual wedding day came and it was just the two of us, we still felt the love and support of our loved ones but were able to focus our full attention on one another.

We were excited to plan an elopement but were nervous about bringing someone new into what we envisioned as an intimate ceremony. From even our initial meeting, Valentina’s enthusiastic spirit put us at ease, and we knew we could trust her to help us realize our dream wedding. Just as we had hoped, she used her creativity and professionalism to help us bring together the right team to design a wedding that was sincere to our relationship.

What we did not expect was how quickly Valentina became a friend and confidant. She was there to guide us through all of the beautiful and rawly emotional parts of the wedding planning process and was as steadfast in her advice as she was generous with her support. By the time our wedding arrived it truly felt as though we were sharing our special day with an old friend who knew our deepest hearts.

We are endlessly grateful for all of the dedication Valentina showed us during the planning process and on our special day. "

What we did not expect was how quickly Valentina became a friend and confidant. She was there to guide us through all of the beautiful and emotional parts of the wedding planning process and was as steadfast in her advice as she was generous with her support. By the time our wedding arrived it truly felt as though we were sharing our special day with an old friend who knew our deepest hearts. 

L & S

“Living in Japan and having our wedding in the UK, we thought that a wedding planner was a must, but we were really worried about adding on costs with our lower budget, so we really struggled to come to a conclusion on whether it really would be worth spending money on a planner or not.  After having Valentina as our wedding planner, I now know that she was the best investment of this wedding by far and would choose her again a million times over, even if we did live in the UK.

She is just so friendly, honest, and easy to work with, always there for us 100% of the time, far more than anyone else was, never pushing us too hard, even with our much shorter than normal schedule. It was as if we were naturally talking with a good friend throughout the whole process - even though we felt so clueless and fussy, and threw so much stuff we thought should be impossible at her, she sorted out absolutely everything so easily, always staying so cheerful where I'm sure others would have given up!

We ended up with a very successful wedding in such a natural way, true to all of our wildest dreams, one that I never thought would have been possible, and one that everyone loved and hopefully should not forget about for a very long time. I have to be honest here, and living in Japan now for over 10 years, I can confidently say that the general quality of service for pretty much anything here in Japan trumps anything you can get in the UK, but our experience with Valentina trumped even that. She's not just good UK level wise, she's good best of the world level wise!"

You are so easy to work with! WE LOVED HOW YOU GOT TO know us and WERE SO understanding - YOU became the person to go to for any and all ADVICE (and I mean psychological stuff too!) AND it was so easy to see you as a friend. YOU HELPED US not hesitate over or overthink anything, and supported us in dealing with everything in such a natural way. Being able to fully trust you like that just made everything many, many, many more times more amazing. you surprised us so many times with just how you'd never say no, never give up, and go out of your way to make things happen for us. You weren't just nice to us, you were seriously there with us, wanting what we wanted, a very solid part of our small team.

M & A

“We feel immensely privileged to say that our wedding day was the BEST DAY EVER! It was the celebration we dreamed of and the whole day was perfect from start to finish. A big part of that was down to Valentina who coordinated the set up, styled the venue, managed the logistics and schedule of the event.

We loved planning and designing our wedding but we knew right from the outset that one of our big priorities for the day itself was for it to be stress free. Valentina helped us achieve this and more. Not only were we completely stress free, we were able to disconnect from any wedding day logistics so that we could just enjoy and take in every moment as our wedding unfolded.

And that’s no easy task when the bride is a wedding planner and stylist herself! I want to add a personal thanks to Val, wedding planner to wedding planner. I don’t think our wedding could have been in better hands. I am so grateful for everything you did that made sure I got to enjoy our wedding as the Bride and not the wedding professional. I did not worry about a single thing which left me free to enjoy the most perfect day.”

OUR WEDDING couldn't have been in better hands

C & O

“Valentina is an incredible wedding planner, and we're honestly so happy that we hired her! Without her, our wedding wouldn't have been anywhere near as beautiful, personal, fun and special as it was on the day. Valentina goes above and beyond and has so much to add to your special day - literally every time we would say something, she would send us a comprehensive list of things we’d never even thought of, and equally approach us with suggestions for other elements we could add to the day and may not have considered alone.  Valentina will work tirelessly for you, but only ever showing calm and being so respectful and friendly to everyone she comes across. Valentina balanced her efficiency and formal tone with an approachable manner, which I think kept everyone on our side throughout, despite any of our ‘demands’ or complications. We were given regular email updates and notified of all important dates/deadlines and requirements, and she always responded to our questions and queries promptly throughout which was so appreciated. Valentina organised all of the wedding tasks using a multitude of email, social media, WhatsApp and wedding app platforms to help us manage all tasks. Whatever way you choose or prefer to run the wedding related organisation, Valentina tailors her approach to your needs. We were able to enjoy our wedding day safe in the knowledge that Valentina was handling everything behind the scenes professionally and efficiently, and without the need to involve us. Deciding which planner to hire is one of the most important decisions you can make during the wedding journey, and I can say without any hesitation that choosing Valentina will be the best decision that you can make as a couple! You will not only have a brilliant wedding planner, but a caring and dedicated friend. ”

GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND - a brilliant wedding planner, AND a caring and dedicated friend

M & T

"It took me a while to find the right wedding planner/stylist for my enchanted themed wedding as I wanted someone who could understand my vision and had that ‘X factor’ about them. Boy did I get lucky when I stumbled across Valentina! She exceeded my hopes in every way and has been absolutely invaluable in helping me plan my wedding! Valentina is a rare thing in this world, kind, talented, patient and brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, she is a true diamond both inside and out. I can hand on heart say I couldn’t have wished for a better person to plan my wedding and it was my lucky day when I found her. There is something magical about Val and she sprinkles that magic into your life like a wedding fairy godmother! Do not hesitate to snap this lady up before her calendar gets fully booked."


N & C

"Valentina helped us with on-the-day coordination, as well as a pre-meeting to go through logistics. We initially weren't sure whether to spend some of our wedding budget on this, but we can safely say it was money very well spent!

Meeting with Valentina and Alex ahead of the big day was so helpful, as they pointed out loads of things we hadn't thought of and gave tons of great advice.

On the day, we could not have done it without her, who was there to ensure every aspect went smoothly. It really meant we could get on with enjoying ourselves rather than worrying about details. Valentina was so friendly, efficient and conscientious - everything went perfectly!"


A & E

"Her creative instincts meant she really understood what we wanted our wedding day to feel like. Everything from the tiniest detail on the name cards to the amazing atmosphere she helped create was exactly how we'd imagined it.

On the day she was by our side, making sure everything ran smoothly and we trusted her organisation and decision making throughout.

If you want a hugely talented lady, who genuinely cares about your wedding - almost as much as you do! - then look no further. Thank you Valentina, you really made our day!"


"Where do I begin? Valentina’s enthusiasm for all things wedding is infectious! From the moment we told her about our engagement and tentative plans she was full of magical suggestions, carefully considered and completely fitting of our vision. Throughout the whole process she was always available to help calm nerves and offer effective solutions to all problems big and small. She treated us with such care and professionalism, a wonderful combination. She was always on hand, day or night, to offer support and guidance. I found the enormity of planning a wedding rather overwhelming at times, while trying to live up to the expectations of myself and others. She took away this worry on so many occasions. Her eye for detail, focus on perfection and wealth of knowledge on all things wedding was invaluable. There is no way to quantify how reassuring her presence and kind words were as things got more hectic. On the day she embodied both the magical excitement of the day and calm professionalism. I knew everything was in hand, and she batted any problems away before they could get to myself or my husband.

We literally could not have done this without her. I can unreservedly recommend her services, she is literally the best."

Where do I begin?

F & J