I specialise in planning elopements and small weddings because, for me, they mean having more time to be really present with your loved ones, and having the freedom to make truly meaningful decisions. I'm a huge believer that small weddings should be all the more special, and that couples should tell their own story however and wherever they are most excited about. It’s all about finding YOUR perfect balance of adventure and luxury, and YOUR unique definitions of both those things.


your elopement & micro wedding

A small wedding is its own very special kind of magic: a heartfelt adventure filled with your favourite things and time to spend with your favourite people. Simplicity isn't about taking things away - it's about making time and space to appreciate those things that really matter. In the same way, small weddings aren't about deprivation, they're an opportunity to give yourself MORE of what you love. They're for celebrating in a way that makes you feel free, with intent, and where every detail is a meaningful part of the story.

Unclutter your wedding, and marry the love of your life how YOU want to, surrounded by beauty and present in every moment. Let go of expectations, pressures, and preconceptions, and enjoy every minute of having done what’s right for you, for all the right reasons.

I'll travel anywhere in the world with you, and bring to life a wedding that

takes your breath away.


elopements & micro weddings

The fee for full planning and styling for elopements and micro weddings starts from GBP £6,000 and will depend on time of year, country of choice, number of guests, and level of support you're looking for. Please enquire for details and bespoke pricing.

If you're thinking of eloping just the two of you or having a small wedding with your nearest and dearest - I'm here for you. I specialise in helping couples bring to life intimate celebrations that are deeply authentic, desperately romantic, and visually breathtaking. I will travel anywhere in the world with you, and help you create an experience to remember. My services and creations are always completely bespoke and unique to you, tailored to the vision and budget you have for your celebration. 

My elopement planning service combines exceptional creativity with flawless project management: I provide you with complete support on the creative side – such as concept creation, design realisation, and venue & supplier searches – as well as all the practical details that will make your planning journey as smooth, calm, and laid-back as possible – such as helping you navigate the legal side, budget management, contract review, communication with the suppliers you need, organisation of your stay, full on-the-day coordination, and being there for you as we find the solutions that are right for YOU. Small weddings are their own very special kind of magic, and come with a unique set of rewards, and challenges too. I'm here to make sure the day is that perfect balance of home, luxury, and adventure that reflects your story and your values. A day that looks as good as it feels: no outdated traditions, no crowds, just love.

I'm always honoured to connect with couples looking to celebrate their union in this way - dreamers who aren't afraid to be joyful, vulnerable, and true to what matters the most to them. Madly in love humans who want to celebrate their story in a personal way are MY JAM. Wherever you are in the world, and wherever your dream wedding is, I'm 100% on board.

AND STYLIST - so you can celebrate your way, anywhere in the world you want to go

with up to 30 guests

I adapt my services to the level of support you need. Everything listed above is just a starting point for the conversation - every couple and every wedding is completely unique, and my goal is to fit around YOU. I want you to do more of what you love, and less of what you don't.

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