The Stars Inside Venues: Miramonti

I’m very excited to start The Stars Inside Venues series with this wonderful gem: Miramonti Boutique Hotel. I recommend a glass of something bubbly and fresh, a comfy armchair, and a leisurely browse through the gallery ♡

Where and When: Northern Italy, June 2017

First thoughts: Nestled amongst the trees and mountains, at 1,230 meters above sea level, Miramonti has a boutique and effortlessly luxurious feel that shows that the hotel isn’t just riding the allure of its spectacular views – and believe me, they really are a spectacle in the fullest sense of the word – and which solidly earns them a place as a Small Luxury Hotel of the World.

Not to miss: The website will (rightfully) show off some of the more evident fortes of this alpine hideaway: the salt water infinity pool facing nothing but imposing mountain tops, the sweeping views that can be admired from every window and terrace, and the fine dining featuring a creative hybrid of locally sourced South Tyrolean delicacies (don’t miss the fir tree ice cream!) and a breathtaking panoramic vista. What you discover when you spend time in the hotel are myriad other details that make you never want to leave, like the care and unobtrusive attentiveness of the 30-person staff, spoiling you at every opportunity, the smell of raw wood and uninterrupted peace of the rocking loungers of the Relax Room, and the contemporary decor of every corner. My all-time favourite details were the fresh orange juicers, ever-available freshly-sliced speck, and spread of delicious breakfast nibbles served in style; the four different types of saunas, elderberry-infused water, and dried fruit snacks dotted around the spa; and the morning birdsong gently reminding you of the forests and lakes just a short hike away.

Practicalities: Co-owner Carmen tells me that Miramonti can host intimate weddings for up to 20 people or so – unless you’re planning a more exclusive affair, hiring all the 30+ rooms, lofts, and apartments. There are 3 distinct restaurant spaces, as well as a large terrace, pool area, spa with both indoor and outdoor facilities, and a forest walk behind the hotel. The church of St. Katherine rises up on a hill just below the hotel – so quaint and lovely that you’ll find yourself inadvertently humming that the hills are alive. If you would like other options for the ceremony, the town of Merano is just a 20 minute drive away (and so are its thermal baths, by the way). I flew into Verona Airport when I visited, at about 2 hours from the hotel – and the view as the road winds along lakes and mountains is an experience in and of itself.

Look and feel: The style of the venue is distinctly luxe and contemporary, while also echoing its mountainous surroundings in a very mindful, organic way. The textures of the old-world rock, wood, and glass architecture, and modern furniture and design, mean the hotel would need little additional decoration if used as the canvas for an event. Its natural colour palette would be mostly neutral, using shades of amber, almond, sand, stone, charcoal, white, and forest green.

Final thoughts: An oasis of peace for those looking to unwind – with adventure on the doorstep. After just one night there, I felt pampered, calm, and at home, and found myself understanding why people who have grown up near the mountains will ache for their reassuring presence on the horizon. Miramonti would be a wonderful (re)treat for a pre-wedding pamper, an intimate wedding, or as the alpine pièce de résistance of a mini-moon or honeymoon.

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All photography by me and my wonderful husband