I'm so grateful for your time and trust with this - this project has been a very special one for me, and one that I've been excited to start for a really long time, so it truly means a lot to me to have lovely people like you joining me as a guest. I can't wait to share your work, wisdom, and MAGIC with my listeners!

for joining me

thank you so much

The show launched in June 2020 and is all about real stories, honest advice, and heartfelt conversations aimed at mindfully bridging the gap between wedding vendors and engaged couples. Topics are chosen to be educational and insightful for both "sides" of the wedding industry, in a way that is open and genuine. Some episodes are centred around weddings, and some are more general (like creativity, mental health, mindfulness, communication, productivity, etc). The goal is to have fun, and just enjoy the conversation - while passing on some joyful food for thought for our listeners.

The day before the recording,  I will send you an outline of questions I'd like to ask you: this is just a guide, and of course we will let the conversation flow naturally. I'll be recording the audio fully, but will be editing it down, so don't worry at all about any pauses or stumbles, they're really easy to cut out. Please feel free to joke around, laugh, and just be yourself - the more genuine and relaxed it all feels, the better!

 I also send you the link to join the recording in that same email as well, which is a really easy online platform that you can access from any browser.

From a technical perspective, all you need is a good Internet connection, a microphone (in-built in your laptop is fine), headphones if you have some, and a quiet room for you to relax in while we talk. The platform has video too, but that won't be recorded - the video feed is just there to help the conversation flow - so house clothes and drinks encouraged!

So what's next?

how to use

You'll receive a link from me, which you can open in any browser. Chrome is the most reliable/stable, so I'd recommend using that if possible.

Once you click on the link, you will see a window where you will be able to give permission to SquadCast to use your camera and microphone.

It will give you some suggestions and tips to prepare for the recording, such as making sure your WiFi signal is strong, that you don't have too many other tabs open, and that you have your mic and/or headphones are plugged in.

The final step is to double-check that your mic, headphones, and camera are all set to the correct sources. Now you can click ‘Join Session’, and that's it!


Firstly, pat yourself on the back for doing SO GOOD.

Next, I kindly ask you to please send me 2-3 favourite photos of yourself - preferably close-up portraits and behind-the-scenes photos of you "in action". I will find your website and IG handle, but if there is something in particular you want me to link, let me know (if you have multiple accounts for example).

I record about 4-5 episodes in advance of the publication schedule, and episodes are released fortnightly. They will generally go live in the order they were recorded, unless there are reasons to publish a particular time-sensitive topic sooner. 

The day before your episode is due to go live, I will send you an email to let you know! I will also send you some graphics so that you can share the news on social media, the links to the episode, and also a link to a shared online folder where you can listen to a preview of the episode before it goes live, if you wish.

On the day your episode is schedule to go live, it will publish to all major podcast platforms at around 9:00 AM GMT. 

Hopefully you will absolutely love it (as much as I do!) but if there happens to be anything you need changed - like the image, the title, the shownotes, or a part of the interview you want cut - just let me know of course.

If you would like to share with your audience (yay!), you can use the graphics I will send you, or you're also very welcome to make your own of course. And if you know anyone else who might like this podcast, please do forward it on to them! It would be wonderful to hear any feedback you have, and to have it shared around with anyone who might enjoy it.

Thanks again so much for your time, your support, and for

and it's live!