Real stories, honest advice, and heartfelt conversations aimed at mindfully bridging the gap between wedding vendors and engaged couples. Hosted by wedding and elopement planner Valentina, who promises to share with you inspirational interviews, solo shows, and that little bit of magic. 


tune in to the stars inside

This is a safe space for supporting and understanding each other, and in doing so learning more about all the magic behind-the-scenes. At a time when intimacy and connection is more important than ever, I want to create a platform for these discussions, for giving each other practical tips, and also for sharing all the feels. I hope to give a holistic, positive, and open-minded perspective on this wonderful industry, and the wedding planning journey as a whole - educating and inspiring couples and vendors alike. I firmly believe that to be clear is to be kind - and that's what this podcast will be all about. 

A wedding podcast for couples and vendors with big hearts

Welcome to The Stars Inside,
the podcast which mindfully bridges the gap between wedding vendors and engaged couples. 

I really hope you’ll join in, and enjoy getting to know the amazing people I have the honour of chatting with!

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If you’re a wedding professional or an engaged/recently married couple, and would be up for being interviewed - or have ideas for topics you want to hear covered - or just generally have some feedback - I would love to hear from you !

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