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I recently had the pleasure of contributing to an article on Rock n Roll Bride which explored the meaning of luxury, and how to attain it in a way that is low key, bespoke, and mindful of budget. “Luxe doesn’t mean everything is ostentatiously expensive – it means the elements you’ve chosen to include are […]

No matter how large or small the wedding, every couple finds themselves asking how best to puzzle in all their guests into groups for dining. Table plans and escort cards are your accomplices, beautifully and creatively guiding your loved ones to the table or seat you’ve carefully chosen for them (by strategising post-its on your […]

The Stars Inside is all about immersive, magical, experiential weddings – but of course this focus on experience signifies different things to different people. For me, ‘immersive’ means creating experiences that help us reconnect with our inner child – awakening the part of us that enjoyed exploring, curiosity, and imagination. It means crafting augmented versions […]

These days, many couples reach their wedding day after many years of having nested together – and the traditional route of asking for house paraphernalia may not be the best reflection of what’s most valuable to them at that time. Cash or honeymoon contributions, for example, are becoming increasingly popular, as newly-wed millennials save to […]

For many couples, planning a wedding is the single most expensive, logistically complex, emotionally delicate, and largest scale project they have ever had the joy of undertaking together. Sitting down and understanding the costs involved is a process as scary as it is vague – even for those who feel they know their priorities, and […]

Trends will always come and go – but the beauty is that, each time they do, they’re reinvented and rediscovered in ways that give them brand new look and identity. The use of transparency, in both fashion and interior design, has been evolving for decades of course, but I absolutely love its current incarnation: it’s […]

As a millennial, an ex-physicist, and a gamer, it probably won’t come as a huge surprise that I LOVE keeping on top of new technology and gadgets – and I’m so excited to delve into how these are trickling into, and re-shaping, the wedding and events industry. Most of these topics are part of a […]

Hello there, January fiancés ♡ I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of magic, and that 2018 has started with oodles of wedding planning fun. For those of you whose holidays had some extra sparkle in the form of an engagement ring, congratulations! It’s the beginning of a fantastic journey, not just as […]

As a bride-to-be, I remember that navigating the to-dos, not-to-forgets, and inspiration overload from Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding blogs, did feel a little overwhelming at times. I remember see-sawing between feeling buzzed and excited, and then suddenly feeling a FOMO-style resignation to the fact that we’d never be able to incorporate ALL of the amazing […]

Weddings are the happiest days of our lives, and in them we celebrate love; love for our new partner, love for the two families come together, love for all the friends near and far, and love for those gone and fiercely missed. This last one can be the most difficult one to honor, and to […]

I’m not generally one for trend-following when it comes to wedding styling, as I will always give the advice of doing what YOU want to do, rather than what you think you should be doing. Having said that, if you love it, then definitely go for it! Also, not all trends are born the same, […]

Here we go with the last part of my wedding planner’s “bucket list” series for this year – a list of wedding styles, locations, and themes that I would LOVE to bring to life, with mini-moodboards for inspiration on each one. And I’ve saved the best for last! If any of these make you trip […]

Let’s set the scene: you’re engaged. The proposal has taken your breath away and sent you on an emotional roller coaster that you’ll never forget. Now you look ahead at the horizon and all the exciting possibilities for your wedding, and you can’t wait to get there – but you also know that, once you […]

Let’s move on to Part 2 of my wedding planner’s “bucket list” series – a list of styles, locations, and themes that I would LOVE to bring to life, with mini-moodboards for inspiration on each one. If any of these make you trip over your heels saying “that’s us!” or “yes please!” – then get […]

Today I begin my “bucket list” series – a list of wedding styles, locations, and themes that I would LOVE to bring to life, with mini-moodboards for inspiration on each one. If any of these make you trip over your heels saying “that’s us!” or “yes please!” – then get in touch right away so […]

During your journey as a wedding-phile, you may have come across photographers now offering couple shoots (or engagement shoots, or e-shoots) as either part of their wedding package or as an optional add-on. Even if photography is one of your highest wedding budget priorities, as it was for my fiancé and I at the time, […]

I’m very excited to start The Stars Inside Venues series with this wonderful gem: Miramonti Boutique Hotel. I recommend a glass of something bubbly and fresh, a comfy armchair, and a leisurely browse through the gallery ♡ Where and When: Northern Italy, June 2017 First thoughts: Nestled amongst the trees and mountains, at 1,230 meters above sea level, Miramonti […]

Each of us is many things – one of the things I am, and am very proud to be, is a wedding planner. For the next two months and 3 days (!), I’m also a bride – and after that, I will be a new thing: a wife, and that will fill me with enormous […]

I’d like to start my blog with a reflection on the nature and identity of weddings, and particularly the pressures and judgement they fall prey to. This is a concept dear to me, and one that I hope will tell you a bit more about who I am, as a person and as a wedding planner. So here […]

Whether you’re here because you’re recently engaged (congratulations!), and are looking for a wedding planner, inspiration, or a place to ask questions – or you’ve stumbled on this blog for any other lovely reason – thank you for reading, and welcome! I’ll be using this space to collect musings, tips, and ideas, and if you […]